The Benefits And Drawbacks Of The Legalization Of Weed

At first, when there was talk about weed dispensaries opening up near me, a lot of people were confused about just how legit the transition of illegal weed to legal weed was going to be. Many people believed that weed was never going to be legal, and so it came as a surprise to them to learn that Colorado was going to be setting up legal weed shops around the state. For many citizens, this seemed like a huge mistake, as they believed that pot-smokers would become too prominent in the society, which would result in low employment rates amongst many other issues. What these people didn’t expect, however, was just how much their society was going to benefit from the legalization of weed. The following are the top 4 positive ways the legalization of marijuana affect a society.

It Lowers the Crime Rate

For starters, the legalization of weed helped lower the crime rates in Colorado, which had begun to reach an all time high. While some people might believe that weed makes a person feel violent, it actually does the opposite, it encourages them to view both sides and come to a friendly solution. In fact, weed is a lot less dangerous than alcohol consumption, as it still permits people to see clearly sites and actually de-motivates them to get into fights or whatnot. For these reasons, many states that have legalized marijuana have noticed a significant decrease in their crime rate, ranging from home break ins, arrests, and overall violent crimes.

It Affects the Economy

Governments had no idea just how beneficial it would be for them to legalize marijuana, and this is because they never could have anticipated making over 40 million dollars since weed was legalized in Colorado — from taxes alone. Being able to collect this many taxes has helped governments supply their municipalities with better health care, schools, programs, renovations, etc.

It Creates New Jobs

Another very pleasing additive to the legalization of marijuana is that unlike anticipated, it has lowered the unemployment rate. While it is true that smoking a lot of weed can make someone more prone to living a lazy lifestyle, not many people are going to quit their day job in order to smoke weed in their mother’s basement for the rest of their lives, and so weed has not affected the unemployment rate negatively. Instead, the legalization of weed has helped see here supply the public with over 16 000 new jobs, which is the main reason behind the unemployment rate dropping.

Less Gang Violence

Since most people are now buying their weed from a dispensary near me, there are less drug dealers fighting over turf, and so gang violence has also significantly decreased.

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